Life is a book, and there are a thousand pages I have not read yet -William Herondale, Clockwork Princess



why are celebrities so bad at picking out photo filters

*whispers: miley cyrus*

FU (Acapella Live)
Miley Cyrus — 1,800 plays

Went for a jogging today , a woman was honking her car at the one in front of her , what she didnt know was , the car in front of her was filled with cops and one angry police just came storming out to yell at her…it was a good day.

Teisha , 18 i am a very boring person
if you're reading this you are awesome
maybe you should come to my ask and tell me a story?
I love tv shows , superhero movies , books , food and stories
Also i have 20394 woman crush so dont be alarm when i reblog non miley stuff
Told you i was boring , kay bye i love you ♥
hiya pumpkin ♥